in Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

Last name First name Phone number Email Position
Dr Steve Arnold Arnold Stephen +44(0)113 343 7245 Associate Professor
Dr Jess Baker Baker Jess Research Fellow
Dr Lindsay Bennett Bennett Lindsay +44(0)113 343 1453 NCAS Instrument Scientist
Dr Cathryn Birch Birch Cathryn +44(0)113 343 9831 Associate Professor in Meteorology and Climate
Professor Alan Blyth Blyth Alan +44(0)113 343 1632 Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Steven Boeing Boeing Steven Research Fellow
Professor Ian Brooks Brooks Ian +44(0)113 343 6743 Professor of Boundary Layer Processes
Dr Barbara Brooks Brooks Barbara +44(0)113 343 3574 Head, NCAS Atmospheric Measurement Facility (AMF)
Dr Helen Burns Burns Helen Software Development Scientist
Dr Ralph Burton Burton Ralph +44(0)113 343 3083 NCAS Research Scientist
Dr Edward Butt Butt Edward Research Fellow
Professor Ken Carslaw Carslaw Ken +44(0)113 343 1597 Professor
Cartwright Mike Visiting Researcher
Professor Andy Challinor Challinor Andrew +44(0)113 343 3194 Professor
Dr Sarah Chapman Chapman Sarah Research Fellow
Professor Martyn Chipperfield Chipperfield Martyn +44(0)113 343 6459 Professor
Chrysanthou Andreas Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Clarke Sam Research Fellow
Dr Ioana Colfescu Colfescu Ioana +44(0)113 343 3083 NCAS Research Scientist
Professor Christopher Collier Collier Christopher +44(0)113 343 6417 Emeritus Professor
Dr Luke Conibear Conibear Luke Research Fellow
Crook Julia Research Fellow
Dr Zhiqiang Cui Cui Zhiqiang +44(0)113 343 5093 Research Fellow
Dr Leif Denby Denby Leif Research Fellow
Dr Sandip Dhomse Dhomse Sandip Research Fellow
Dr Steven Dobbie Dobbie Steven +44(0)113 343 6725 Associate Professor in Atmospheric Physics
Dr David Dufton Dufton David Research Fellow in Radar Hydrometeorology
Dr Wuhu Feng Feng Wuhu +44(0)113 343 3438 NCAS Scientist
Professor Paul Field Field Paul Professor of Climate Science
Dr Declan Finney Finney Declan Research Fellow
Dr Jennifer Fletcher Fletcher Jennifer Senior Research Scientist
Professor Piers Forster Forster Piers +44(0)113 343 6476 Professor of Climate Physics
Dr Alan Gadian Gadian Alan +44(0)113 343 7246 Senior Research Scientist / Lecturer
Dr Hamish Gordon Gordon Hamish Research Fellow
Dr Ailish Graham Graham Ailish Research Fellow
Dr Lauren Gregoire Gregoire Lauren +44(0)113 343 4945 Associate Professor, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow
Dr Daniel Grosvenor Grosvenor Daniel +44(0)113 343 3438 NCAS Researcher
James Groves Groves James +44(0)113 343 1587 NCAS IT Manager
Dr Sam Hardy Hardy Sam Research Fellow
Professor Alan Haywood Haywood Alan +44(0)113 343 8657 Professor of Palaeoclimate Modelling/Pro-Dean Research and Innovation
Dr Daniel Hill Hill Daniel +44(0)113 343 7436 Lecturer
Dr Anna E. Hogg Hogg Anna +44(0)113 343 5842 Associate Professor
Dr Ruza Ivanovic Ivanovic Ruza +44(0)113 343 2231 Associate Professor in Climatology
Professor Andrea Jackson Jackson Andrea Professor of Student Education and Engagement
Jackson Lawrence Research Fellow
Jennings Stewart Research Fellow
Johnson Jill Research Fellow
Professor Colin Jones Jones Colin NCAS Professor
Dr Richard Keane Keane Richard Research Fellow and Met Office Senior Scientist
Ann-Kristin Koehler Koehler Ann-Kristin Research Fellow
Professor Jason Lowe Lowe Jason Professor
Dr Maryna Lukach Lukach Maryna +44(0)113 343 5093 Radar and Weather Data Scientist
Dr Graham Mann Mann Graham +44(0)113 343 1660 Lecturer in Atmospheric Science
Professor Dan Marsh Marsh Daniel Professor of Comparative Planetary Atmospheres
Prof John Marsham Marsham John +44(0)113 343 6422 Met Office Joint-Chair (Professor of Atmospheric Science)
Suzie May-Graham May-Graham Suzie +44(0)113 343 8954 Research Administrator: Climate and Atmospheric Science
Dr Amanda Maycock Maycock Amanda +44(0)113 343 9793 Associate Professor in Climate Dynamics
Dr Christine McKenna McKenna Christine Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Jim McQuaid McQuaid Jim +44(0)113 343 6724 Associate Professor of Atmospheric Composition
Professor Stephen Mobbs Mobbs Stephen +44(0)113 343 5158 Professor, National Centre for Atmospheric Science
Professor Benjamin Murray Murray Benjamin +44(0)113 343 2887 Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Ryan Neely III Neely III Ryan +44(0)113 343 6417 Lecturer
Nicklin Kathryn Research Fellow
Professor Douglas Parker Parker Douglas +44(0)113 343 6739 Professor of Meteorology
Dr Kanhu Pattnayak Pattnayak Kanhu +44(0)113 343 6571 Research Fellow
Peatman Simon Research Fellow
Jayesh Phadtare Phadtare Jayesh Research Fellow
Dr Richard Pope Pope Richard NCEO Research Fellow
Dr Hannah Price Price Hannah NCAS Instrument Scientist
Pringle Kirsty Research Scientist
Dr Alex Rap Rap Alexandru +44(0)113 343 7986 Lecturer in Atmospheric Science
Dr Carly Reddington Reddington Carly +44(0)113 343 5612 Research Fellow
Dr Leighton Regayre Regayre Leighton Senior Research Fellow
Dr Mark Richardson Richardson Mark Technical Head of Centre for Environmental Modelling And Computation
Dr Alexander Roberts Roberts Alexander Research Fellow
Rosen Debbie +44(0)113 343 8895 Science and Policy Manager, CONSTRAIN
Dr Philip Rosenberg Rosenberg Philip +44(0)113 343 9048 NCAS Instrument Scientist / Researcher
Dr Andrew Ross Ross Andrew +44(0)113 343 7590 Associate Professor
Dr Leo Saffin Saffin Leo Research Fellow
Dr Juliane Schwendike Schwendike Juliane Lecturer in Meteorology
Dr Cat Scott Scott Cat University Academic Fellow in Biosphere-Climate Interactions
Professor Andrew Shepherd Shepherd Andrew Professor
Dr Chris Smith Smith Chris NERC-IIASA Collaborative Research Fellow
Professor Dominick Spracklen Spracklen Dominick +44(0)113 343 7488 Professor
Dave Sproson Sproson Dave NCAS FAAM Data Scientist
Dr. Piyush Srivastava Srivastava Piyush Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Mark D. Tarn Tarn Mark +44(0)113 343 5605 Research Fellow
Dr Julia Tindall Tindall Julia +44(0)113 343 4696 Research Fellow
Dr Steven Turnock Turnock Steven Research Scientist
Dr Marcelo Galdos Valadares Galdos Marcelo Met Office University Academic Fellow
Professor Simon Vosper Vosper Simon Visiting Professor
Dr Jutta VĂ¼llers Vullers Jutta Research Fellow
Dan Walker Walker Daniel +44(0)113 343 1587 NCAS Database Coordinator
Dr Louise Whitehouse Whitehouse Louise +44(0)113 343 4525 NCAS Education and Staff Development Manager
Dr Chris Wilson Wilson Christopher NCEO Research Fellow
Dr Beth Woodhams Woodhams Beth Research Fellow
Yoshioka Masaru Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Gillian Young Young Gillian Research Fellow