Trustonomy | Institute for Transport Studies | University of Leeds

Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality and most of the major automakers have plans to commercially release an autonomous vehicle (nearly or fully self-driving, i.e. SAE levels L4 or L5 vehicles, respectively) by 2020-2024. However, the human factor will remain essential for the safety and performance of road transport in the forthcoming decades. Central to the human role in the Connected Automated Driving (CAD) is the transition from automated to manual driving mode. This might be system-initiated or user-initiated.

Trustonomy will investigate, setup, test and comparatively assess, in terms of performance, ethics and acceptability, different relevant technologies and approaches in a variety of autonomous driving and RtI scenarios, covering different types of users (in terms of age, gender, driving experience, etc.), road transport modes (private cars, trucks, buses), levels of automation (L3 – L5) and driving conditions.

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