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Spatial Modelling and Dynamics

Spatial Modelling and Dynamics

We develop and validate mathematical and statistical models and simulation tools for the representation, analysis and optimisation of traffic and transportation systems with a particular focus on the use of big data in new modelling approaches. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Development of advanced spatial modelling tools including traffic assignment (eg SATURN), strategic land use transport interaction assessment (eg MARS), microscopic traffic simulation (eg DRACULA), and evaluation of traffic emissions and air pollution (eg COMIS)
  • Design of methodologies for dynamic modelling: micro-simulation to system dynamics
  • Traffic flow theory, network performance analysis and real-time traffic management.

Priority research topics include:

  • Road pricing and network design problems
  • Visioning transport futures (eg sustainable urban environment, the role of walking and cycling)
  • Modelling automated driving supported by connected Intelligent Transport Systems and the Internet Of Things
  • Optimal fuel consumption with predictive powertrain control and calibration for intelligent trucks
  • Cloud-based traffic monitoring and modelling for real-time automatic incident detection and duration prediction
  • Artificial Intelligence tools for the simulation and optimisation of automated real-time rescheduling and operations of rail services
  • Assessment of innovative and efficient urban mobility solutions
  • Data connectivity and complexity, and implications of big data on policy
  • Traffic induced air pollution episodes and personal exposure
  • Modelling and assessment of the disruption of emergency evacuation and network resilience.

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If you would like to discuss an area of research in more detail please contact: Professor David Watling or Dr Chris Rushton.

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We deliver the latest thinking in this area via modules delivered as part of our undergraduate and masters programmes.