EMBARC: Enhancing Models of Behavioural and Attitudinal Relative Changes

As a choice modeller, I develop mathematical models that represent the decision-making process and determine the probability with which each alternative is chosen in a given set of alternatives. My recent work has demonstrated that models based on psychological theory are competitive with traditional models that are based on economic theory. However, thus far, little work has been conducted in studying the best methods for explaining and capturing behavioural change.

In this project, I propose to collect online longitudinal survey data from individuals for whom preferences may change more quickly (new students at the University of Leeds) at several time points to study how their behaviours and attitudes change over the academic year. The survey will include a diverse set of questions covering, for example, travel behaviour, health behaviours, political views, ethical beliefs and well-being. I will test a range of models and develop new ones to analyse how to best predict and crucially forecast behaviour.

It is anticipated that the model results will provide useful insights for understanding how preferences and attitudes change over time. This could in turn, for example, help design methods to promote green travel behaviour or to improve student physical and mental health.

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