Targeting the Bad Emitting Vehicles

External primary investigator: Dr Joe Zietsman, Texas A&M University Transportation Institution (TTI)

Partners and Collaborators: Texas A&M University Transportation Institution (TTI), and the US Department of Transport Center for Advanced Research in Transport, Emissions, Energy and Health (CARTEEH)

We know some vehicles are bad emitters, i.e., they are continuous or intermittent high emitters of one or more priority pollutant. We do not know exact numbers, but we suspect some are poorly engineered vehicles, some are deliberately-tampered vehicles and some are incorrectly or unmaintained vehicles.

The objectives of this study are two-fold:

  1. To explore options to enhance our understanding of these vehicles, through the focused analysis of existing datasets;
  2. To repurpose and redeploy conventional in-vehicle emissions measurement systems for car-chaser work focused on the characterisation of followed-vehicle emissions as good or bad, with an overall aim of scoping the potential for such systems for a role in (near-term) future emissions reduction policy.


EPSRC EP/S019375/1