ESRC Seminar Series ‘Collaborative Housing and Community Resilience’

Primary Investigator: Helen Jarvis (University of Newcastle)

Co-Investigator: Fionn Stevenson (University of Sheffield), Melissa Fernandez (University of East London)

This seminar series reflects collaboration between the UK Cohousing Network and six UK universities; Lancaster, Leeds, London School of Economics, Newcastle (principal applicant), Nottingham, and Sheffield involving a seven-strong steering group. We have been awarded funding by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC – the main UK Research Council funding social science research) to develop a series of events and conversations that will strengthen links between UK and international cohousing networks and make possible new constellations of collaboration and enquiry at the intersections of housing access and affordability, sharing economies, green technology, ecological citizenship and community resilience. We are running a series of six events to combine scholarly research and debate with practical interventions, including opportunities to visit examples of community-based housing schemes built in the UK. Each seminar is organised around a specific theme. Key-note papers will be presented by international and national experts together with interventions, posters and an open-forum discussion.  Among our aims are to develop a frame of reference for terminology and concepts to be used in the output from this series.

Grant reference: ES/M002012/1

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