Primary Investigator: John Stillwell

Co-Investigator: Justin Hayes, James Reid, Oliver Duke-Williams (UCL), Josephine Watham (University of Manchester)

Overview: The Census Support Service (CSS) is part of a new integrated UK Data Service that aims to provide users, through a one-stop-shop interface, with access to and information about the large variety of social science data resources that are available to the UK research community. The CSS will use bespoke interface and analysis tools to provide access to area statistics, digital boundary data, origin-destination flows and microdata from the 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011 Censuses. These tools will be complemented with support from individuals with extensive experience in managing complex data sets and undertaking research projects and teaching initiatives. 

In parallel with the provision of existing services, the CSS will work in close collaboration the UK Data Service-Core to allow users to access, extract and analyse census and related data via an integrated UK Data Service interface, to ensure interoperability of the technical delivery infrastructure, to provide an efficient framework of support for customer enquiries and to maintain a comprehensive monitoring of service usage and performance. The CSS will also work closely with the UK national statistical agencies providing pre-release advice and facilitating user access to 2011 Census and related ‘Beyond 2011’ data sets. 

Grant reference: ES/J02337X/1