Ethnic group population trends and projections for UK local areas: dissemination of innovative data inputs, model outputs, documentation and skills

Population projections of future populations by ethnic group are a "necessary element in the armoury of available national demographic data" (Haskey 2002: viii). These aid provision of appropriate housing and language support and inform political and social science debates.

In ESRC project (RES- 165-25-0032) we developed a demographic model to project the ethnic populations of the UK’s local areas with the results portraying how ethnic diversity may change up to mid-century. This 'follow-on' project aims to increase the impact of our research by:

  • Providing the widest possible access to an understanding of the project outputs
  • Ensuring the validity and quality of the project outputs
  • Enhancing the skills and knowledge of users of demographic data.

During this project we will:

  • Make data available through a web interface from which users can download our projection outputs
  • Make project results accessible to users of POPGROUP and SASPAC systems
  • Update component estimates using the latest available demographic data, consult with users and experts and get feedback on methods and outputs
  • Skill people in projection methods through a summer school and conference and develop training materials into a textbook
  • Disseminate analyses by developing innovative illustrations of population-related data

Population projections by ethnic group from 2001 - 2051
Access our data outputs via: