RECARE (Preventing and remediating degradation of soils in Europe through land care)

The main aims of RECARE are to:

  • Identify and fill knowledge gaps in the understanding of the complexity and functioning of soil systems under influence of climate and human activities
  • Develop and select, in close collaboration with stakeholders, innovative sustainable land management measures that can be expected to combat threats to key soil functions and to restore these functions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of these measures, in terms of soil functions and ecosystem services as well as of costs and benefits
  • Evaluate constraints for and ways to facilitate adoption of these measures by stakeholders
  • Upscale results from the study site level to the European level to draw more general conclusions
  • Carry out an integrated assessment of existing soil related EU and national policies and strategies to identify their impacts, potential inconsistencies or synergies and to derive recommendations for improvement
  • Disseminate project results to all relevant stakeholders, from land users to high level policy makers

For more information see the RECARE webpage.

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