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A photograph of the Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds.

The University of Leeds is making the single biggest investment in its history to achieve a low carbon future.

A woman in a wheelchair sat at a train station platform. There is a train passing in the distance.

A new study reveals that disabled households in the European Union currently consume 10% less energy than other households, as well as being 5% more likely to experience energy poverty.

A senior woman with electrobike and flowers sitting on a bench outdoors in town.

Experts including researchers at the university, screened nearly 7,000 studies from across the globe to develop a list of the most effective changes to household consumption to cut carbon footprints.

A photograph of trilobite fossils.

Scientists discover two intense periods of volcanism triggered a period of global cooling and falling oxygen levels in the oceans, causing one of the most severe mass extinctions in Earth history.

A forest fire in Indonesia.

Plans to restore Indonesian peatlands are a cost-effective strategy for reducing the impacts of peatland fires to the environment, climate and human health, says a new study.