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Someone driving a car simulator, with a road on-screen infront

This week, Virtuocity welcomes visitors to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its first driving simulator study.

Professor Dame Jane Francis wearing a life jacket in Rothera, Antarctica

The Chancellor of the University of Leeds, Professor Dame Jane Francis, has been elected President of the Royal Geographical Society.

Someone playing Fifa seen from behind. A bisexual pride flag is under the screen and a progress pride flag is behind it.

Queering Climate Change, an initiative fostering safer spaces for LGBTQ+ and marginalised voices in climate justice, held interactive "Gaming for the Planet" events last week.

Sunlight filtering through clouds and shining on a sea below.

Global warming caused by humans is advancing at 0.26°C per decade – the highest rate since records began, according to new research by more than 50 leading international scientists.

A researcher hunches over the ground to do testing on a salt marsh. Two other researchers to the same in the background, in front of a stretch of water.

The UK’s saltmarshes are under threat from climate change, coastal erosion and sea-level rise, according to a new study.