HiTRANS Mobility as a Service

HiTRANS Mobility as a Service | Institute for Transport Studies | University of Leeds

HITRANS, the regional transport partnership, has commissioned a leading technology firm to produce the bespoke GO-HI branded app, which will provide instant access to information on buses, trains, car hire, car clubs, bicycle hire, air travel and ferries. This will allow users to plan their journeys and find, book and pay for all modes of transport using any iPhone or Android mobile device.

The pilot project is due to go live in June 2021. It is being funded by the EU North Sea Region Stronger Combined project and the Scottish Government’s MaaS Investment Fund.


This pioneering project is an ambitious region-wide solution that has the potential to make a significant contribution to improve accessibility for residents and visitors. It also addresses Government ambitions to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging a modal shift from sole occupancy cars to shared cars and public transport alternatives. It will also help to create healthier lifestyles by improving the sustainable travel choices people can make in the region including active travel opportunities.

ITS is leading the evaluation of user experience, behavioural and transport impacts.