Valuing Accessibility in Transport

Doors of a train stationing to a platform

Co-investigators: Thijs Dekker, Richard Batley, Chiara Calastri, Bryan Matthews, Jeremy Shires, Phill Wheat, Chris Leahy

The study ‘Valuing Accessibility in Transport’ is being undertaken by the ITS Leeds (in partnership with Arup) for the Department for Transport (DfT) and Transport for Scotland (TS). The aims of the study are as follows. First, to develop and test a robust methodology to estimate the benefits of accessibility interventions that can be used for transport appraisal. Secondly, to obtain a first set of inputs for the valuation of an initial set of selected accessibility interventions (note that the project is concerned with accessibility defined as the degree to which transport systems can be accessed by all members of society in an inclusive way). The inputs of the project will contribute to build up the official national guidelines for socio-economic appraisal of transport projects and policies in the UK (TAG), compliant with the Green Book.