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Dr Anvesha Mahendra

The Faculty of Environment’s Dr Anvesha Mahendra has been included in the collection. She discusses how important maternal nutrition is, even before conception.

A drop of molten chocolate ready to go under a microscope

Scientists have decoded the physical process that takes place in the mouth when chocolate is eaten, as it changes from a solid into a smooth emulsion that many people find totally irresistible.


A new game app aims to improve understanding of healthy foods and empower use of nutrition label information on food packaging.

Collection of groceries, Image credit: Magda Ehlers

Increasing intake of protein and drinking regular cups of tea or coffee is a way women could reduce their risk of suffering a hip fracture, according to new research.

A cook mixes a bowl of freshly prepared vegetables

A study of more than 26,000 middle-aged UK women reveals those with a vegetarian diet had a 33% higher risk of hip fracture compared to regular meat-eaters.