Conor mullen

Conor Mullen

Why did you decide to study a masters at the University of Leeds?

As a sporty person, I’ve always had an interest in nutrition. Having also touched on nutrition in my undergrad in Dublin, it was an area I wanted to learn further about and create a career in. I chose Leeds because it's Nutrition programme is one of the best in the UK/Ireland.

What has been the best aspect of studying on your course and at the University so far and why?

I think the broad content of the course has been excellent, and the lecturers are all experts in their fields. Having never done them before, the lab practical classes have been very interesting and hands-on. The university's facilities are brilliant, with specific things reserved just for postgraduates such as a whole floor of the library etc. 

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have completed.

At the minute I'm actually in the process of planning my research project which will be lab-based and will analyse whether exercise influences the composition of saliva and whether this, in turn, influences one's satiety and hunger. Very excited about that! A lot of semester 2 is group-based work where your group can perform a study that interests you. For example, I have performed 2 group studies on the UK sugar tax, as well as one on reducing salt consumption in students. 

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

Leeds is full of students, there seems to be a student accommodation block on every corner. It's a great spot for students with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of pubs and cocktail bars. 

What are your ambitions for the future?

At the minute, I'm interested in experiencing the food industry so will be applying for some graduate programmes. However, I see myself ending up in public health further down the line.

What experiences at Leeds do you think will help you in your future career?

The knowledge gained firstly will be critical for my career. I think the connections I have made while at Leeds will also help further down the line.

What would you say to students coming to do the same course?

Ensure the course is exactly what you want to do, do some research on it, so you can fully commit to it. It's a long year packed full of work but well worth it!