Wenyun Liu

Wenyun Liu

Food is not only essential for living but an important factor that affects the quality of our lives.

This field of study provides me with different perspectives of how food can influence our lives and also how we can manipulate processing in order to achieve the organoleptic and nutritional properties of safe food products. 

I'm a person who always looks forward to applying the theoretical knowledge I've acquired from my study into practice, and doing a masters degree in food science and nutrition helps me to achieve this.

The School of Food Science and Nutrition ranks first among universities that provide similar courses in the UK.

Also, affordable living costs, good public transport and beautiful parks and nature attractions around the city I'd found online before I came, all contributed to my decision to come here. I already felt home even before I came to Leeds. 

Outside of studying, I found a volunteer opportunity at Food Cycle. I help to cook free meals for people at risk from food poverty and social isolation.

I feel very proud I've joined them because I'm helping others while doing something I have a passion for. I hope that this type of charity, redistributing food resources, may one day become big enough relieve world hunger.

I would definitely recommend coming to Leeds for postgraduate study.

You will love your choice to come to Leeds, not only because of the excellent teaching and research, the best Students' Union and lovely people you will meet, but also because you gain a broadened horizon of perceiving things and exploring the self you want to be.