Development of an innovative plant-based burger with properties like a beef burger for the plant-based and flexitarian market

Extruded products (fibrous structure)

The beef burger is one of the most loved foods in the UK. 85% of all the meat consumed in the UK comes from factory farms, which are labelled as unethical, outdated and environmentally harmful industry. The percentage of consumers who favour plant-based food is still very small (< 4%). Therefore, there is a need to develop plant-based alternatives that can match the expectations of all consumers, including those who enjoy meat, for a delicious burger.

The market size value of plant-based meat is predicted to reach $24.8 billion by 2030, a substantial increase from $6.023 billion in 2022. In response to this upcoming large market, extrusion and electrospinning will be applied to create a fibrous structure in a variety of ingredients, followed by optimizing the formulation to achieve the best texture, sensory, and cooking properties.

Currently, soy protein and wheat gluten are the primary ingredients for texturized plant protein. However, concerns over allergenic proteins, generic modification and nutrition imbalances have derived us to explore alternative ingredients.  The goal is to develop plant-based meat analogues that mimic the texture, appearance, and mouthfeel of real meat.

This project aims to develop an innovative and delicious, sustainably, and locally produced, whole foods plant-based alternative to a beef patty, using UK-sourced produce from the agri-food sector. This project is not just about developing a new product, it is also about setting a new standard for the plant-based food industry.


Reducing animal agriculture can promote food sustainability and have a positive impact on the environment.

Decreasing meat consumption leads to a lower carbon footprint and a better health outcome.

Import reduction by using UK grown crops enhances national food security.

Developing new protein sources can decrease dependency on traditional meat products.

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