Gemma Dunne

Gemma Dunne

Why did you choose this course?

In the future I hope to be in the food industry and I am passionate about providing consumers with great products, so I thought that would be the best reason to do the course. It gives you a good range of knowledge, the science and the retail business side of things.

What do you like most about your course?

It is really hard but very enjoyable but definitely worth it. I think that the teaching is really good, you learn from some of the best people in the country and so I know that the information I am learning is up there. I have got my industrial placement with Jordans and Rivita and so I am looking forward to that and also coming back in the final year and applying all the knowledge I will have learnt. 

What skills have you gained from your course so far?

My skills have been enhanced by being here. Like teamwork for example, we have had a group project and leadership and independent learning skills have improved.

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

Because it was top three in the country for Food Science and it really appealed to me, the way the campus is next to the city; it seemed to have a good support network both in the department and across the whole University.

What is it that makes you passionate about the subject you study?

I’m an everyday consumer and so providing consumers with everyday products which they take for granted. Nobody thinks about the science behind it and that is what makes me really passionate about it. I study it, I love cooking food, I love eating food. Me and friends do ‘come dine with me’ and so it’s really good.

How would you describe student life at Leeds?

It’s really good. The nightlife’s good, the Union’s good and also out in Leeds generally and there is a good mixture of things to do for all students.

What are/will be your favourite memories of studying at Leeds?

You’ll meet some fantastic people who you’ll never forget and I came from a background where I didn’t do science at A levels, I did Food Technology and so getting my first year results was really satisfying.

How would you describe your lecturers/ tutors/ supervisors?

They’re all great. They are supportive and because it’s such a small Department they all know you by name which is great. They are interested in you and your development.

What do you think of the academic facilities and support services?

We are in a very beneficial position because we all get our own lockers and a common room which is not what every department has. So we are lucky. The libraries are excellent and there are lots of computer clusters.

What do you like best about your School or Department?

They are really approachable and they will endeavour to help you out; I think that is the best thing.

Have you joined any clubs or societies?

I am in the Food Society which I recommend that everyone join. It is about getting everyone together and going out for drinks and meals.

What do you think of Leeds city?

I think that it’s great for students but also for professionals who want to stay on after university.

What do you plan to do at the end of your course?

At the moment I hope to go into new product development in the food industry.

What would you say to anyone thinking of applying to your course?

Be prepared to do a lot of hard work. Things which you may learn over a month in sixth form you will learn in two lectures at university. Definitely consider an industrial placement; when I first came to university I wanted to be a teacher and so wasn’t going to consider the industrial placement scheme but I think that it’s only an extra year and you will definitely be enhanced. Be prepared to work hard, enjoy every aspect of it and take a year out in industry.