Harnessing multiple benefits from resilient mangrove systems

Harnessing multiple benefits from resilient mangrove systems

Managing interactions between human activity and mangrove systems is challenging. To inform coordinated stakeholder responses that support mangrove conservation and development, it is necessary to first understand how human-mangrove interactions influence resilience and ecosystem service delivery.

This project evaluates socio-ecological resilience in mangroves and explores management options that maintain resilience and enhance the delivery of benefits and services to multiple groups. This is achieved by investigating mangrove systems in northern Vietnam.


By enhancing management of mangrove social-ecological systems for resilience and delivery of ecosystem services, we will:

  1. Better equip mangrove-dependent communities to participate in mangrove governance and improve their access to mangrove benefits and diverse and sustainable livelihoods options
  2. Improve tools and evidence for decision-makers, facilitating the development of policy that can enhance the delivery of services to support a sustainable fisheries sector
  3. Increase available data and evidence for NGOs and donors, enhancing understanding of mangrove systems and sustainable management options
  4. Build the capacity of academics for social-ecological systems and resilience research, enabling response to interdisciplinary challenges

Publications and outputs

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The top image is courtesy of Dao Van Tan.