ESA Greenland Ice Sheet Climate Change Initiative (GrIS_cci) Project:

Long term and reliable records are required by the scientific user community to address important questions about the current state and future evolution of Earth’s climate system.

Earth Observation (EO) datasets from Space provide a unique and spatially extensive 20 year raw dataset from which such products can be created however, a coordinated effort is required in order to process these complex datasets and to ultimately make such products freely available to the user community.

In 2011 the Greenland Ice Sheet Climate Change Initiative (GrIS_cci) project was launched by a consortium of European scientists to address this need.

The aim of the project is to produce Surface Elevation Change (SEC), Ice Velocity (IV), Grounding Line Location (GLL) and Calving Front Location (CFL) products from satellite EO datasets over the Greenland Ice Sheet.

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