Basin Structure Group (BSG) Phase 3

Basin Structure 2

BSG provides an integrated approach to researching the evolution and deformation of sedimentary basins. Using seismic reflection interpretation, field studies and structural modelling we aim to develop a better understanding of basins in a variety of tectonic settings. In addition, many of our studies involve integration of structural basin analysis with a broader tectonic framework and petroleum systems modelling in both extensional and compressional margins.

The Basin Structure Group consists of Faculty, Post Doctoral Research Fellows and PhD Research Students. All of our research has both regional and generic implications across the globe. The broad 'Research Themes' that we are investigating are: Rift Systems Passive Margins Salt Tectonics Inversions Tectonics Compressional Systems In addition, we have also arranged our research results into 'Regional Projects' to make it easier for you if you have a specific area that you want to focus on. You'll find these at the end of the Research search results. Some of our current regional projects include: Borneo, Mediterranean, Southern Africa, Southern Atlantic, West Greenland.

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