Aerosols and Climate

Current funded GLOMAP projects

This is a list of funded projects. It covers most of our current research, but a lot of our research doesn't easily fall under specific projects.

  • Global Aerosol Synthesis and Science Project, NERC (2013-16), Ken Carslaw
  • Aerosol-Cloud Coupling and Climate Effects in the Arctic, NERC consortium (2012-15), Ken Carslaw
  • South American Biomass Burning Analysis, NERC consortium (2012-15), Dom Spracklen and Carly Reddington
  • Development and application of HadGEM-UKCA aerosol-climate model, NCAS, Graham Mann, 11,2,3 (see UKCA for full list)
  • High resolution aerosol-cloud processes coupled to GLOMAP, Met Office Partnership, John Marsham and Celine Planche
  • Eyjafjallajokull near and far-field plume, NERC consortium (2011-13), Anja Schmidt
  • Reducing the uncertainty in indirect forcing, NERC consortium (2012-2014), Jill Johnson
  • Integrated Project: Pan European Gas Aerosol Climate Interaction Study, EU (2010-2014), Ken Carslaw
  • AErosol model RObustness and Sensitivity study for improved climate and air quality predictions, NERC (2010-2013), Lindsay Lee
  • Integrated Project: Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate, EU (2011-2014), Matt Woodhouse and Graham Mann
  • Cosmic rays, aerosols and clouds Marie Curie Training Network, EU (2012-2015), Ken Carslaw