Image of alumni Agung Adri Laksono

Agung Adri Laksono

I am currently working in Deloitte Indonesia as a Transport & Infrastructure Advisor. I have responsibilities as a project manager, to handle several projects, provide strong understanding and deliverable to meet the quality and the schedule, and maintain relationship with all of the relevant stakeholders.

ITS is still a big part in my career nowadays. I have been passionate about the transport industry since high school and studies at ITS sharpened my understanding and knowledge about transport. All my experiences at ITS really help me a lot to my work and it makes me happy because I am able to contribute in the implementation of Indonesian transport projects.

I chose ITS because it is top 10 best transport study in Europe and also ITS has a strong relationship with Indonesia.

My advice to students is to keep exploring and understand your goal! With only a year of study it is not enough to absorb all the information, so we have to explore after the class session. Also, there are optional modules in the 2nd semester, so we have to understand what we are looking for so that it is in line with the goal we want to achieve.

I took part in the ITS Employer Visits and would definitely recommend them! It will help you to find what kind of work you are looking for.

The best highlight of my career so far is being able to work in the field that I am very passionate about in my life – the transport industry.

ITS provided a great consultancy about finding and applying for jobs. In my experience, they helped to review my CV and gave me advice on how to create strong CV.

My advice to other international students is to focus on your strength and improve it. Maximise the chances you have to discuss things with ITS lectures, senior students, and career advisors.