ITS alumnus

Iosif Stroumtsas

I am currently a part of the Policy and Evaluation team in London, part of the wider Strategic Planning & Advisory division of AECOM. Prior to that, I worked within the Highways modelling team in Manchester and I still lead the Mesoscopic modelling stream. My previous experience allows me to work as the connecting link between the modelling and the advisory teams

ITS gave me the fundamental theoretical knowledge to be prepared for my job from day 1. Furthermore, the practical applications during the course where truly invaluable.

I chose the MSc Transport Planning and the Environment because I wanted a course that would combine transport and explore the environmental challenges. ITS is the best department in transport in the UK and one of the best in the world. It was really a no brainer.

My advice to students interested in this course and a career in transport is transport is such a vast and complex industry. Any MSc from ITS Leeds will open many doors in Transport Planning.

I attended the ITS Employer Visits and I would recommend it to everyone. Sending CVs out cold will rarely work. The ITS Employer Visits gives you the opportunity to impress the people that will actually hire you instead of battling an automated HR filter. The careers centre was also useful in providing some advice on CV tailoring but it was the employers visits that really helped.

When considering the highlight of my career so far I wish I could pick just one. I worked in Manchester, moved to Dubai, then Manchester and now London. I have worked on international high profile projects and have seen people grow their skills working with me.

The industry is booming in the UK and firms are looking for people. As international student, it is definitely easier to get a job if you are from the EU since no working visa is currently needed.