Image of ITS alumni Evelio Robles

Evelio Robles

I currently work as a Transport Consultant for Jacobs. We provide technical support for a wide range of companies within the transport industry, such as train operating companies, public sector, airport operators, etc. Depending on the project, we help them design ad-hoc models to keep track of their performance, forecast future traffic and revenue to input into their financial models or create econometric databases to derive fare elasticities, for example

Studying at ITS helped me enhance my employability skills through learning new skills and understanding the big picture of the transport industry and the major challenges it faces around the world. It is a unique experience for people truly interested in the sector and widely recognised as one of the best teaching institutions worldwide.

I read a BEng Aerospace Engineering prior to attending ITS, so my background at the time was somehow limited to only one bit of the transport industry. I felt ITS could be the way to improve my knowledge of the transport sector as a whole while not leaving behind my previous studies. Having completed a Master’s Degree at ITS, I can say it makes a huge difference not only at an intellectual level, as you’re challenged as a student in every lecture, but also personally, as you have the great chance to meet people from all around the world.

My advice to students interested in this course and a career in transport is if you are truly interested in a career in the transport sector and feel thrilled to be in an international and diverse environment, don’t doubt it – ITS is your place.

I took part in the ITS Employer visits and actually I got my first job offer at this event, many of my ITS classmates did too. I would definitely recommend them, even if you are not seriously thinking of staying in the UK after your studies, since it’s a great opportunity to get some interview experience for the future!

The highlight of my career so far was my involvement in two airport transactions where I had the chance to update and further develop the forecast models based on a series of assumptions, which helped refine the results. This enabled me to put into practice both my aviation knowledge and my spreadsheet/VBA modelling skills to obtain an upgraded forecast model.

As part of the English pre-sessional course I took prior to the ITS degree, the University organised a really useful session where they explained thoroughly all the steps required to apply for graduate jobs and when to start applying for them.

My advice to other ITS international students who are seeking work in the transport sector is ‘You never try, you never know!’ Despite any apparent obstacles when applying for jobs as a non-UK citizen, I’d still highly recommend to apply for them because many companies are really looking forward to considering overseas students and arranging all required paperwork to be able to take them on board.