Andrew Carson

Andrew Carson

What have you been doing since finishing your studies? What are you doing in terms of your career?

When I finished at the Institute of Transport Studies I joined Arup as a graduate of the University of Leeds.

What company are you working for, what is your role and what does it involve?

I am currently working for Arup in Leeds as a transport planner, I have been involved in a number of different projects over the last two years ranging from rail planning, strategic master planning, microsimulation modelling and transport assessments.

What experiences at Leeds do you think have particularly helped with your career/will help with your future career?

The course at the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) gave me a good understanding in the fundamentals of transport planning. Additionally, the external talks gave me an insight into some of the current issues in transport.

Looking back, why did you choose to study your particular course and why did you choose the University of Leeds?

I chose transport planning due to my interest in geography with people and places, transport combines the two and looks at the movement of people in a continually changing world hence my interest. I wanted to study at the University of Leeds and ITS in particular, as it is a leading place for transport planning.

What was the best aspect of the course/the University and why? Any highlights?

One of the clear highlights was the ITS European fieldtrip, this was a great week, a definite one not to miss out on! In terms of the course it was good to have those at the forefront of their field teaching us.

What other activities outside of your studies were you involved in?

As a keen sportsman I was involved with the University Cricket Club and the ITS cricket team

What would you say to students thinking about studying the same course at Leeds/thinking about the same career?

It’s a great experience and learning curve with many interesting aspects to the course. As a career there are many interesting projects out there and with the advance of the world of big data, electric and autonomous vehicles, the future of rail, it’s a great time to be involved.