Ashish Chadha

Ashish Chadha

I currently work as a Transport Modeller and work on a variety of traffic modelling projects. My main responsibilities include building traffic models, forecasting traffic, assessing new schemes, forecasting revenue and assessing accidents. There’s a whole variety of stuff within modelling that needs innovation and keeps on challenging me. It is this very charm of transport planning that makes me love my job.

"ITS provided a solid background to enter into a highly professional field. Transport planning is a very vast field and ITS provided a good base to understand various aspects of transport planning in a very time efficient way."

My experience at ITS made me aware of all different aspects of transport planning and engineering and opened up a whole panoply of possible careers within the field. Although a Masters is not a prequalification of entering into the field I have experienced that my colleagues who don't hold any formal education in Transport Planning are not progressing in their careers at the same pace as ones who have formally studied Transport Planning.

I chose ITS because I felt it was the best Institute and offered the best course with a very decent university and homely campus. What else could I ask for? No other transport planning institute in UK is as reputed as ITS with highly acknowledged Professors and Alumni. The Institute itself is involved with very high-end research.

If you are looking for a challenging career which will give you enough opportunities to put your brain to use, then do seriously think about studying this course. If you have already made your mind up then there is no better place to study this course than ITS.