Gyeng Chul Kim

Gyeng Chul Kim

Since September 2011, I was inaugurated as the 12thPresident of Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), a Korean government-funded research institute. My main responsibility is to raise the institute’s research and consulting capability to the level of world-class transport and logistics institute and thus contributing for public benefits.

I believe the key transport challenges in my country include a decrease in public transportation ridership, Green transport (how to cope with climate change in the transport sector) and Justice in transport.

The major transport initiatives that we currently have underway include;

  • Green growth and environmentally sustainable transport
  • Nationwide public transportation reform
  • Transport welfare and transport safety measurement

My biggest achievements so far in this country have been the Seoul Bus System Renovation Project, the Cheonggye River Restoration project, and a noticeable increase in the nationwide level of public transportation service and Greenhouse gas reduction in the transport sector (by 34%).

Skills that graduates from ITS can bring to the country include a comprehensive approach toward the nation’s transportation conditions and a sophisticated knowledge in the field of transportation.

My advice to other people considering a job in Korea would be to have innovative thinking, to have people-centered transport and to have goal-oriented policymaking.

My favourite facts about Korea are that is it dynamic, it has an intensive growth history and is a country that is learning how to catch two rabbits: economic growth and sustainability.