Adriadni Michou

Adriadni Michou

Why did you decide to become a mentor on the ITS Industry Mentoring Scheme?

I decided to become a mentor because I wanted to help the existing master students with their job search. Furthermore, I wanted to give them information about the working life in an industry leading them to understand in which team they would like to work. The transport sector is a wide sector and graduates can work in Transport planning, traffic engineering and modelling, development planning, air quality etc. With this process, it is clear to students the type of projects of each sector and they will be able to take the right decision about the beginning of their career.

Why as an alumnus of ITS is it important to get involved?

It is very important to get involved as an alumnus of ITS because I am aware of the level of knowledge that we gain in ITS and the way that we use this knowledge in the workplace. Furthermore, that process gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with ITS.

How have you been able to support your mentee?

I communicate with my mentee via Skype because I live in Birmingham and the face to face meetings were impossible. However, I visit Leeds often and I will arrange and a face to face meeting with my mentee. This is an illustration that despite the distance if somebody wants to become a mentor there are many ways to achieve that.

Have you enjoyed the experience?

I enjoy this experience because I am happy to help new graduates decide the right way for them at the beginning of their career.

Would you recommend being part of the scheme to others?

I strongly recommend to students and alumnus to participate in this scheme. This is the first year that I am a mentor and I definitely be a mentor and the next year.  Both sides can benefit from this process. Students get helped at the beginning of their career which is very important. The alumnus can improve their skills such as networking and keep in touch with ITS future alumni.