Image of ITS Masters student Mostafa Kazemi stood by the University of Leeds Institute of Transport building

Mostafa Kazemi

Mostafa Kazemi is a Masters student, currently studying the Transport Planning and Engineering MSc at the Institute for Transport Studies.

Mostafa’s passion for the transportation industry led him to seek a comprehensive understanding of the transportation field. Joining the University of Leeds seemed like the perfect choice. 

One of the primary factors that influenced his decision to join Leeds was its prestigious Institute for Transport Studies, which is renowned globally. 

Mostafa said: “It’s global ranking solidified my belief that the University of Leeds could provide me with the high-quality education and research opportunities I needed to excel in my chosen field.” 

Mostafa, who has an academic background in control engineering and railway signalling, was confident that by becoming a part of the institution, he would have access to the profound knowledge and expertise of renowned professors in their field.  

He said: “The University of Leeds offered a unique opportunity to not only enhance my academic skills but also to engage in innovative research and gain insights into the latest developments in the transportation industry.” 

Image of ITS Masters student Mostafa Kazemi stood by the University of Leeds Institute of Transport building with his fellow students


Diversity of topics 

The course presented Mostafa with an opportunity to delve into a wide spectrum of transportation topics, ranging from transportation policy to data collection and analysis, encompassing areas such as traffic management and road safety management.  

“This breadth of subject matter has acquainted me with various facets of the transportation field, and allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding,” said Mostafa, who has professional experience as a Signalling and Telecommunication Engineer at the Iran National Railway Company 

"The diversity of topics and discussions covered not only provided me with valuable learning opportunities but also helped me gain a clear insight into my own research interests for the future.” 

Inspirational research projects 

One of the most inspiring factors of the course was the research projects integrated into each module, which helped Mostafa bridge the gap between theoretical perspectives and real-world issues in the transportation industry. 

“Each of these projects posed a challenging, real-world question, primarily related to transportation issues in the city of Leeds, as the subject of our research.  

Image of ITS Masters student Mostafa Kazemi posing by a presentation with a colleague at the University of Leeds Institute of Transport department


Working on these projects was not only incredibly exciting but also instilled a sense of purpose in students. It was an invaluable learning experience that demonstrated how we can apply our acquired knowledge to practical, real-life scenarios.

Mostafa Kazemi

During the course, Mostafa participated in sustainability initiatives and studied topics related to sustainability.  

This experience allowed him to gain valuable insights into the intersection of transportation and sustainability, and actively contribute to discussions and projects aimed at addressing critical global challenges. 

“The course equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex world of transportation, from choosing environmentally friendly transportation methods to advocating for better public transit options,” he said.  

“In essence, it empowers students to make informed choices that not only benefit their own lives but also contribute to addressing transportation challenges and moving towards a sustainable transportation system.” 

Image of ITS Masters student Mostafa Kazemi with colleagues and fellow students at the University of Leeds Institute of Transport


An exciting range of projects 

One of the most exciting projects Mostafa was involved with during his degree was the Transport Integrated Project (TIP) module.  

The project brought together students from various transportation related disciplines to work as a team on a common topic: selecting a mass transportation system for the city of Leeds.  

“It was an exceptional opportunity for teamwork, addressing each other's weaknesses, and strengthening the strengths of team members,” he said.  

“This project resembled a real consulting project in the transportation industry and provided me with valuable learning opportunities.” 

Real-world transportation scenarios 

Every experience Mostafa gained during his time at the University of Leeds has equipped him with valuable knowledge and skills to benefit his future career.  

“The curriculum is designed to encompass both the theoretical foundations and practical applications relevant to the field of transportation,” he said. 

What truly stood out was the University's commitment to addressing contemporary issues and industry challenges. The projects undertaken in each module were carefully chosen from real-world scenarios, providing students with the opportunity to apply our acquired knowledge in authentic settings.

Mostafa Kazemi

“These projects were invaluable, allowing me to hone my problem-solving abilities and discover optimal solutions. 

"The constructive feedback received upon completing each project enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, thereby facilitating continuous improvement in my work quality for future career challenges.” 

Mostafa has no reservation about recommending the course to other students pursuing a career in transportation.  

He said: “The program offers a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum that equips you with the latest insights and practices in the field. What truly sets this university apart is the calibre of its faculty members, who are renowned experts in various transportation-related domains.  

“Their mentorship and guidance will not only enrich your academic journey but also provide valuable industry perspectives. 

“Additionally, the University offers a vibrant and supportive learning environment. It leverages the best educational technologies and software to enhance your learning experience, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of advancements in the field.  

“The institution is committed to helping you adapt swiftly to the evolving landscape of transportation, making you a competitive and well-rounded professional.” 

Looking to the future 

Following his degree, Mostafa has ambitions to contribute significantly to the field of automotive technology and human-machine interaction. 

“I aim to continue researching and developing innovative solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of automated vehicles, ultimately paving the way for a seamless transition to a more automated transportation landscape,” he said 

I aspire to contribute to the development of safer and more efficient transportation systems. By continuing my studies in this area, I hope to play a meaningful role in shaping the future of mobility and ensuring its sustainability and safety.

Mostafa Kazemi
Image of ITS Masters graduate Mostafa Kazemi receiving the Frank Lai


Most recently Mostafa has had the privilege of receiving the prestigious Frank Lai Award from the Institute of Transport Studies which celebrates the student with the most impactful dissertation. Speaking about his recent success Mostafa said: “this award holds significant importance to me”.

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