Onyebuchi smiling at the camera.

Onyebuchi Agbo-Anike

Onyebuchi Agbo-Anike is a Transport Planning and Engineering MSc student, at the Institute for Transport Studies.

Onyebuchi stood on a street in Leeds.


Onyebuchi Agbo-Anike was looking to realise his dream of becoming a transport professional. He settled on the University of Leeds as the place to study for his Masters, with its Institute for Transport Studies giving him what he was looking for. 

The programmes offered at the institute gave a complete blend of the entire transport sector, allowing students to have a 360 degree view of transport.

Onyebuchi Agbo-Anike

“We touched on aspects of all sides such as the Planning, Engineering, Environmental, Economic, Operational, Policy-making and implementation aspects of transport. 

The institute was home to a great range of faculty who were mostly experts in their fields and provided a high degree of teaching and learning. This translated to high expectations from the students as well and that provides the needed drive to leave your comfort zone, explore and learn new things. You learn to go beyond your personal limits and this is the essence of the learning experience – for students to exceed their current limits into new frontiers.” 

A diverse learning environment 

While the course offered a comprehensive guide to the world of transport, it also came with other benefits.

The best aspect of studying my course so far I would say was the life-long friendships formed while undertaking the study.

Onyebuchi Agbo-Anike
Transportation Planning and Engineering MSc students stood outside the Institute for Transport Studies.


“The ITS hosts a range of students from various backgrounds and it is truly representative of an international cohort. 

“I got to meet and work with some of the smartest people I have come across. Our cohort hosted about 33 nationalities and this contributed to the richness of our discussions and interactions. Team/group exercises would always prompt you to look at problem solving from different angles and appreciate the peculiarity of different solutions to different circumstances. This broader perspective that has shaped my thinking process is one of the major things I cherish about the study experience alongside the great global network that studying at ITS provides.” 

Onyebuchi and a friend sat in a lecture, smiling at the camera.


A beautiful topic 

To Onyebuchi, transport is more than getting from A to B – it’s something that radically reshapes our existence. “The way transport is undertaken is a key aspect of our lives, and can affect the way society is shaped in the short term and the long term. A lot of historical practices and culture is tied to transport systems and the way we shape the future of transport can be very crucial in the future of society.  

“It is interesting also to see how much of a role transport plays in achieving global targets like the SDGs and Net zero carbon targets. For emissions targets it might be more evident but for goals like ending world hunger or improving access to education or closing gender inequalities or improving inclusion and diversity, it might be less obvious how transport plays a role. But to me, that is the beauty of it. Transport is much more than facilitating the movement from point A to point B; it is a tool that can improve much more than that in the life of an average person, and there is almost a place for everyone to be part of this process in the world of transport.” 

Onyebuchi stood in front of a model railway track.


A course full of potential  

Onyebuchi definitely recommends the course to other transport aficionados. “If you are looking for a place to get a wholesome experience of Transport studies, you cannot go wrong with ITS.”

There is a good blend of a number of aspects of transport together with the extra-curricular activities that provide for a warm study experience and networking with a global cohort.

Onyebuchi Agbo-Anike

There is a good range of options of specialties and great flexibility with what you can specialise in. Most of all, the course content is rich and relevant to the world of transport Today and Tomorrow. I wish you all the best!” 

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