Zheyi Shen smiling at the camera.

Zheyi Shen 

Zheyi Shen is a Transport Planning MSc student, at the Institute for Transport Studies.

Zheyi came to Leeds for a year as an exchange student to pursue a Masters in Transport Planning, with the hope that studying here would be an enlightening part of her academic journey. The result was an experience that opened many doors, both in terms of career development and a deeper understanding of her subject area. 

The best aspect of studying my course at Leeds University is the close working relationships with big organisations in industry. I can take advantage of collaborative links between the University of Leeds and multinational companies to earn an internship opportunity in the transportation industry, thus increasing my employability and paving a way for my career development. 

Zheyi Shen

I enjoy gaining knowledge from other fields while solving professional problems!” 

Exciting projects 

Zheyi’s studies allowed her to pursue a variety of exciting activities. “My graduation project “A Hierarchical Model-Based Merging Optimization Approach for CAVs” was selected as one of the university's 100 outstanding theses. This project excited my nerves as it blended the challenges of merging sequence optimisation and merging trajectory optimisation. 

It was because of my tenacity that I could build a complete hierarchical framework for the merging area in the connected and automated vehicle environment which can achieve the goals of minimal lane-changing delay, less energy consumption and higher efficiency of lane-changing. 

Through this project, I thoroughly familiarized myself with the whole process of CAVs passing through the on-ramp merging area. And I believe this experience is of great reference for my future research and practice in autonomous vehicle control.” 

Future potential 

The experience Zheyi has gained on her course have equipped her to pursue an exciting career going forward. “I will focus on providing the most advanced urban transport technology and services. For example, I will work on the development of projects such as IVICS (Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems) and internet of vehicles so as to help advance the construction of intelligent transportation in cities.” 

She also has advice for other students wishing to pursue a career in transport. “Students majoring in Transport Planning need to rise to the occasion. To become a transport professional, in addition to a solid grasp of the subject, knowledge of subjects such as vehicle construction, road engineering, communications transmission, and mechanical automation will help you in many ways.” 

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