Talgat Abdrakhmanov

Talgat Abdrakhmanov

After graduation, I joined a municipal company “Astana LRT” in the capacity of the Head of Transport planning department. I was in charge of transport modelling and planning of the introduction of new traffic schemes, keeping the Transport model of Astana city up-to-date. Later I opened a specialized Department in the structure of municipal company called the Transport Management Center (TMC). The centre was established to centralize the control and management of traffic on the streets of Astana. TMC became an operator of Intelligent Transport Systems. During my work there we were operating 53 junctions (there are around 300 in the city) which were connected to the Intelligent Transport Systems. Later we gained access to the traffic police platform and started to control the traffic lights on over 220 junctions in the capital. My competency included the introduction of one-way streets. The project included the development of model scenarios in TransCAD and Aimsun. We were using the deliverables of the model to plan the impact and maximize positive effect from introductions of these new traffic schemes. 

My ITS experience helped me to become a pioneer in transport modelling and planning in Astana. Under my supervision, we developed scenarios in a macro model of Astana and used the results in transport planning. Owing to the knowledge of transport modelling technique and transport policy and planning, I was a member of the team who made a traffic impact analysis of EXPO-2017, one of the large events to be hosted in Astana from June to September 2017. We developed different scenarios of peak and off-peak periods, days of opening and closure of the Exhibition. Based on the conducted analysis we developed a set of recommendations which currently are being introduced into reality. It is quite hard to explain when you realize that whatever you planned will be actually implemented in real life. However, it gives me pride that I belong to the family of ITS graduates. In this relation, I would like to express special thanks to Dr. Chandra Balijepalli, Dr. Dave Milne, Dr. Astrid Guhnemann and Prof. Greg Marsden for their lectures, practical seminars and advice. Such high level of education opened me variety of opportunities in Kazakhstan. The field of transport planning and transport modelling is still in the early development stage. I do hope that ITS will be the first choice for anyone who is interested in the development of their transportation career.  

One of my former bosses Mr.Sing Mong Kee was the graduate of ITS. I was impressed by the achievements in his career and personal contribution to the development of the first class transport system of Singapore. Without a doubt, I chose ITS to advance my future career. It gives me real pride to be one of the graduates from ITS. 

My advice to students interested in this course and/or a career in transport is that ITS is number one in the field of transport and its international graduates provide a significant contribution in the development of their home country transport systems. Thus, I would recommend to students to exchange contacts between each other, help each other like family members and never forget our second home - ITS. 

I am a Kazakhstan government funded student, thus, I was obliged to return to my home country and did not participate in the ITS employers visits. However, I regret that I did not submit my CV or introduce myself to company representatives. From my classmates, I have heard that it gave them an understanding of what is really expected from the Employer’s side. It was a valuable experience for them. 

I have had a very significant and positive shift in my career. I recently joined Nazarbayev University Research and Innovational System as the Head of Strategy Department. I am developing Strategy of Development of Innovational cluster. I would add that I am still using my lecture notes from my Transport planning and policy module. The website of KonSULTLeeds is one of my favourite bookmarks in a browser. 

As an international student, my advice to other ITS international students who are seeking work in the transport sector is trying to participate in all Job fair events hosted by ITS and the University. Prepare your CV with the career development centre of the University. Attend all lectures of leading transport professionals arranged by ITS. Communicate with other students and raise your social capital in networking with lecturers, PhD students and your classmates.