Sompong Paksarsawan

Sompong Paksarsawan

AMP Group includes transport planning and logistics consultancies and an accountancy subsidiary. My role is to manage the organization in terms of (i) Business development and strategy (ii) Quality control (iii) Staff development (iv) Budget strategy and (v) Social and environmental responsibility. I am still able to maintain an active technical role through the direction and management of projects.

My career was encouraged and developed through the technical training and academic environment provided at Leeds University. ITS helped to provide the knowledge I needed to work in the global environment because to learn, to see, to understand and to work were the main objectives of career development at ITS.

When I was at Leeds University, my main target was to study network simulation. My thesis was on the subject of queuing simulation. I chose Leeds University because it was a highly regarded academic institution.

I chose ITS on the basis of its reputation for transport modelling and because it had developed the SATURN software package, an important advance in traffic modelling. As an overseas student, it was a challenge to study in a different country. It was made easier because of the international reputation and role of ITS as an international centre for transport research.

My advice to students considering studying at ITS is that is it a valuable experience. In studying for my PhD I learned that you have to endure and study hard, just like the words "no pain, no gain."