Steven Shaw

I am currently employed by the London Borough of Southwark as a Senior Transport Planner in their Highways Development Control team. My role involves the review and assessment of planning applications for new developments within the borough. There is presently a great deal a regeneration taking place in this area of London and it is my role to ensure that all new developments promote sustainable transport, are safe in terms of road safety and do not have a negative impact upon the operation of the highway network. My role requires the review of Transport Assessments and other technical documents and good negotiating skills to secure relevant improvements via S106 payments from developers.

"My present role required an MSc in a relevant subject (i.e. Transport Planning). Therefore if I had not attended Leeds University and obtained my MSc it is unlikely that I would have secured this position."

The practical experience I gained while at ITS gave me an excellent grounding for a career in Transport Planning. I still use the knowledge I gained at ITS in my day to day work. An MSc Transport Planning degree is well respected within this industry, especially from ITS and has allowed me to progress quickly within the industry.

I choose to attend ITS as I was aware of how well its courses were respected within the industry, both in this country but also internationally. I realised that attending ITS I would significantly increase my chances of securing employment and that it would benefit my long-term career progression.

"If you are interested in sustainable transport and considering entering a career in transport planning I would highly recommend studying at ITS and obtaining an MSc in transport. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ITS, I made many friends and contacts and my qualification still assist in my day to day work."