Image of Galo Cardenas

Galo Cardenas

My job is to plan and design projects for sustainability for Galapagos, especially in terms of energy. Hence, I work in planning department in this national level institution. My responsibilities are attached with energy and transport issues, which Galapagos faces continuously. From the many challenges, in terms of tourism and wellbeing, that Galapagos faces, sustainability seems to be most important and I am part of the small team that implements projects towards it. 

At a professional level my ITS experience has been very rewarding, because I learnt how to use critical thinking and data to make strategic decisions. Also, by getting my Masters, I have enhanced my profile as an expert in the transport field, and for this reason studying in Leeds has been a great achievement.

I chose ITS at the University of Leeds because I found it to be one of the few schools that offered in-depth studying of Sustainability and Transport. Both concepts were properly blended to study the issues that I was involved at that time (cycling, walking and social aspects of transport).

My advice to new students interested in this course would be to be sure about the issues related with sustainable transport before studying. And to try to define one very clear stream of topics and concepts that you will follow along your studies. For example, if you are interested in the social issues of transport, try to pick travel behavior or something similar. Also try to properly understand the benefits of modelling and transport planning, it is very useful to work for governments or consultancies.

My main advice to international students who are seeking work in the transport sector is to participate in international and nation conferences, courses or forums about transport, in order to strengthen or to create a professional networks of experts. For me, it was very useful to participate in these events and to get jobs by introducing myself and having the chance to present my job experience.

The highlight of my career so far has been to publish the results of my MSc thesis in two books and to present many talks about transport in many cities and countries.