ISO 9001 - Quality Management

ISO is an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems adopted by providers of services across virtually every business sector. ISO certification involves an independent assessment and audit of business processes.

The Institute for Transport Studies was the first academic unit in the UK to achieve ISO9001 certification.

Since 1995 we have been meeting the requirements of ISO9001 and continually improving the quality management of our research, development and consultancy contracts.

Independent assessment of our business processes is conducted annually by SGS UK Ltd.

The Institute’s research is interdisciplinary and collaborative. Interested parties include researchers in other institutions worldwide, industrial sponsors, government agencies, international partners and users of transport and transport systems.

The greater part of our research funding is awarded by UK Research Councils and the European Commission. These are typically large, five to six figure grants lasting three to five years. Further research and consultancy contracts are competitively tendered by government agencies, local authorities, charities and commercial organisations.

The range of our research is demonstrated on the ITS website and in our Annual Research Reports.

Our quality objectives are:

  • To carry out research in line with the Institute’s research strategy
  • To sustain the high quality and number of the Institute’s publications output in refereed journals and other high impact outlets
  • To ensure staff have an appropriate programme of work
  • To ensure research is delivered in a timely manner, within budget, and is of high quality
  • To ensure that sponsors and clients are satisfied with research outputs
  • To ensure our research has impact in the wider community.

For further information about quality management please contact Joanna Carder, QA Officer.

ISO 9001