Photo of Nick Mather, Institute for Transport Studies alumnus.

Nick Mather

I am responsible for maintaining Tracsis' core work-streams as well as generating new business and exploring new markets. I am involved in the marketing and branding strategy for the Traffic and Data Services division, providing content and consistency across all platforms including social media, website and mainstream channels. I provide innovative marketing solutions, support the Operational teams and act as a culture and standards ambassador for the company. I also undertake Project Director duties for key strategic projects and provide advice and support to our extensive client base. Over this time I have provided consultancy and advice on a wide range of projects across the UK and Europe, including roles in Project Management, Account Management and Sales and Marketing across the UK.

Key projects and achievements:

- Lead role in delivery of hospital visitor Market Research exercise for 9 hospitals in North London

- Delivery of framework contract for Transport for London (TfL)

- Lead role in delivery of station capacity counts for Network Rail

- Lead role in delivery of LIP scheme data collection and analysis for TfL.

- Lead role in the development and utilisation of specialist camera systems for station capacity monitoring.

Since joining the Traffic and Data Services Division in 2009, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the entire research process including planning and methodology, survey design as well as overseeing the analysis and reporting process once surveys have taken place. Initially I worked on traffic and transport related projects and have since been involved with research and data projects in the Health / NHS, Retail and Events sectors.

I joined the Traffic and Data Services Division of Tracsis Pic as a Graduate Trainee in November 2009 to enter the industry after undertaking Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. The experience in Transport and policy gained at ITS was invaluable and I was the first graduate the company employed. This educational background set me in good stead for my career.

I originally applied to the University of Leeds to study a Geography degree having most enjoyed this in previous education and gained good grades. I wasn't offered this course but was offered an alternative with Transport Studies as an additional subject. I enjoyed the course content and the membership of ITS so much that I pursued this as a Post Graduate Masters course, and got a job in Transport!

Transport is an integral part of the world and so the industry will always be very strong. There are so many aspects to transport and particularly transport data collection, the field I work in, that it keeps it fresh and exciting. New technologies and methodologies are always developing and being involved in it is rewarding.

I found the ITS employer visits very useful in terms of interview experience and overcoming nerves of speaking to potential Employers, although I was not one of the lucky ones who was offered employment unfortunately it was still a very useful experience.

The highlight of my career so far, starting from the bottom and working up through all aspects of the business, from Operations through to Business Development and becoming a Director for Tracsis.