Anthony Jarrett GIS online student

Anthony Jarrett

Why did you decide to study a Masters at the University of Leeds?

I was initially drawn to the Geographical Information Science MSc program at the University of Leeds because of its strong technical component. Originating from a software development background, the opportunity to use programming as a tool to help solve geographical problems provides an excellent balance between technical content and domain knowledge. Coupled with high international ratings for the School of Geography, the University of Leeds stood out as a great fit for my personal goals.

What has been the best aspect of studying on your course and with the University so far and why?

A highlight of the program so far has been the blend of theoretical and practical content. Learning about the science behind GIS has given me a solid foundation that reaches well beyond any single GIS tool. The addition of a strong practical component helps ensure that I gain the skills needed to apply GIS in my field of work. The interdisciplinary nature of the program has also given exposure to many different fields, including areas of computer science, statistics, philosophy, and human geography, among others.

Why did you decide to study on an online course and what have been the advantages of working remotely?

Distance learning has given me the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education in a program that is not available at local universities. Enrolling in an online program has also allowed me to balance my studies with other life commitments. The ability to maintain a full-time job while pursuing a master’s degree resolved any hesitancy to continue with postgraduate education after working in industry for several years.

What have you learned on your course that you think will help you in your future career?

Many aspects of this course will be helpful in my future career. In addition to topics centered on Geographical Information Science, this program has given me a better understanding of the research process and has taught me how to communicate effectively. These skills will be invaluable for most potential jobs in my field.

What would you say to students joining the same course?

For new students joining the program, I would recommend taking advantage of the additional reading references outlined in each module and to further explore any topics of interest in your own time. Geographical Information Science spans a broad range of academic fields and there is ample opportunity and support to delve deeper into areas of personal or professional interest.