Weather Systems

storm clouds over wheat fields

We research the dynamics of midlatitude storms, and the structure of the fronts which accompany them. In particular, we work on the role of moist processes in modifying the dynamics and the impacts of these weather systems.

As part of the T-NAWDEX and DIAMET projects, we have been involved in the latest programme of observations of frontal cyclones over the UK, including research flights into some severe weather systems occurring between 2009 and 2012.

We are using the measurements along with numerical models, to explain the origin of severe winds in the systems. For instance, we have been studying the way in which cold fronts fragment into a series of Narrow Cold-Frontal Rainbands (NCFRs), and how these bands may be conducive to the generation of tornados over the UK. We are also studying the dynamics of cold conveyor belt (CCB) flows and sting jets in cases observed during DIAMET.