ARRCC: Asia Regional Resilience to a Changing Climate

The four-year programme, starting in 2018, aims to strengthen weather forecasting systems across Asia. The programme will deliver new technologies and innovative approaches to help vulnerable communities use weather warnings and forecasts to better prepare for climate-related shocks. Asia is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and this vulnerability is expected to increase.

The ARRCC programme will target the most vulnerable countries in the region, primarily Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan, and will deliver:

  • New technologies and innovations to deliver climate information and advice to vulnerable groups;
  • Regional and sub-regional forecasting and early warning systems;
  • Improved access for 30 million people to climate information, services and early warning systems;
  • Three regional bodies to deliver seasonal and long-term climate projections and analysis;
  • The mobilisation of additional resources for building climate and environmental resilience.

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