African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA)

The three aims of AMMA-International have been 

  1. To improve our understanding of the West African Monsoon and its influence on the physical, chemical and biological environment regionally and globally.
  2. To provide the underpinning science that relates climate variability to issues of health, water resources, and food security and defining the relevant monitoring strategies.
  3. To ensure that the multidisciplinary research carried out in AMMA is effectively integrated with prediction and decision making activity. 

The University of Leeds has played a leading role in the international AMMA programme, both through NERC-funded projects and through participation in the AMMA-EU Framework 6 projects. More than 100 research papers have been generated from our participation in AMMA, and the research has influenced many fields, including of meteorology, climate physics, African capacity building, education, atmospheric composition, air quality, and weather forecasting.

AMMA personnel at Leeds 

  • Doug Parker (Primary Investigator)
  • Jim McQuaid
  • Dwayne Heard
  • Gerard Devine
  • Christophe Messager
  • Luis Garcia-Carreras
  • Roisin Commane
  • Barbara Brooks
  • Matt Hobby
  • Caroline Bain
  • Cathryn Birch
  • John Marsham
  • Abdou Kassimou (secondment from Niger DMN)
  • Trevor Ingham
  • Mat Evans
  • Lisa Whalley

AMMA-International web site.

AMMA-UK site (last updated 2006)

AMMA 2050


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