Research projects

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Current projects

Title Funder Start date End date
Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award: Controls on the preservation of organic carbon in the marine environment Royal Society Research Merit Award 1 August 2018 1 July 2023
Does developmental plasticity influence speciation (PISTON) 2 October 2017 1 October 2022
European Research Council Consolidator Grant: MINORG (The Role of Minerals in the Oceanic Carbon Cycle) European Research Council (ERC) 1 June 2017 31 May 2022
PlantFun: How did the evolution of plants, microbial symbionts and terrestrial nutrient cycles change Earth's long-term climate? NERC 1 June 2019 31 May 2022
BLACK and BLOOM Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 January 2016 31 December 2021
Ecosystem resilience and recovery from the Permo-Triassic crisis (EcoPT) NERC 1 January 2017 31 December 2021
Integrated understanding of Early Jurassic Earth system and timescale (JET) NERC 10 October 2016 9 October 2021
C-side (Carbon storage in intertidal environments) NERC 1 June 2018 31 May 2021
North China craton: A unique window into Earth's middle age NERC 1 April 2018 31 March 2021
Macroevolution in Boreal Ocean Jurassic-Cretaceous methane seep communities (BOMMS) Leverhulme Trust 1 March 2018 28 February 2021
NERC: The Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor (ChAOS) Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 February 2017 1 January 2021
Coordination of international research cooperation on soil carbon sequestration in agriculture (CIRCASA) EU Horizon 2020 1 January 2018 1 December 2020
The Pliocene Arctic Climate Teleconnections (PACT) Research Council of Norway 1 October 2016 30 September 2020
NERC: Colonisation of hydrothermal vents by complex life Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 September 2017 31 August 2020

Past projects

Title Funder Start date End date
NERC: Perturbation of the Earth system at the Proterozoic-Phanerozoic transition and the resilience of the Biosphere Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 9 January 2017 8 January 2020
Leverhulme Research Fellowship: Dynamics of the Great Oxidation Event Leverhulme Trust 1 September 2018 31 December 2019
MycoRhizaSoil BBSRC 1 January 2014 31 December 2019
Refugia of Futures Past White Rose Collaboration Fund 1 October 2018 1 October 2019
Statoil: Eagleford geochemistry Statoil 1 October 2017 30 September 2019
NERC: Gulf of Corinth IODP Expedition 381 Inorganic Geochemistry Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 March 2018 28 February 2019
NERC: Using Critical Zone Science – Peri-Urban Agriculture in China Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 April 2016 31 December 2018
Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship: Geographic and ecological determinants of extinction across the Late Triassic mass extinction Leverhulme Trust 1 October 2015 31 December 2018
NERC: SOS Rare (Nd and HREE) Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 April 2016 31 December 2018
Forward modelling of past abrupt climate transitions Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 December 2013 1 December 2018
Hikurangi Trough late Pleistocene palaeoceanography, biostratigraphy and Cretaceous Ocean Anoxia Events (OAEs) NERC 1 May 2017 30 November 2018
PaNDA (Paleo-Nutrient Dynamics in the Eurasian Arctic Ocean) EU Horizon 2020 1 September 2016 31 August 2018
Marie Curie International Fellowship: SurE-TESTS Marie Curie International Fellowship 1 September 2016 1 August 2017
The Amazon hydrological cycle: past, present and future 1 January 2014 1 January 2017
Microbial succession from ice to vegetated soils in response to glacial retreat Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 January 2012 31 December 2016
Nucleation and growth of FeS Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 January 2013 31 December 2015
Reservoir Formation Damage Assessment in the Chicontepec siliciclastic oil-bearing reservoirs, Mexico 1 May 2011 1 April 2015
P Bioavailability in Dust Leverhulme Trust 1 January 2012 31 January 2015
Investigating biogeochemical evidence for chemosymbiosis at fossil cold seeps Leverhulme Trust 1 January 2012 1 January 2015
Validating models of microbial colonization and function in the subsurface Leverhulme Trust 1 January 2012 31 January 2014
Dinosaur diets and methane emissions 1 January 2012 1 January 2014
4D Geophysical Monitoring of Landslide Processes 1 September 2010 1 September 2013
Examining the volcanism-extinction link: an end Guadalupian case study 1 September 2006 31 August 2009
Reservoir bathymetry, capacity and sedimentation rates 1 December 2006 30 November 2007
The Origin and Properties of Upper Cretaceous Flints
Reservoir Characterization of the Miocene Euphrates and Jeribe Formations in selected wells of several oil fields and outcrop section in Kurdistan, North East Iraq.
Pliocene Transient Climate modelling EU Horizon 2020
Plio-ESS (Pliocene constraints on Earth System Sensitivity) European Research Council (ERC)
PALEOPOLAR - Impact of global disturbances on the evolution of life in the polar regions during the early Cenozoic Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
Formation Evaluation of the Cretaceous Kometan Formation in selected wells of oil fields in Zagros Basin, Kurdistan, North East Iraq
Degree of adversity of discontinuity orientation in relation to rock slope instability
Coprolite chemistry – diet, digestion and methane emissions of extinct fauna