UKERC Whole Person Whole Place

This project will work with local authorities and communities to find new ways of renovating and retrofitting homes for a low carbon future.

In the past, these activities have relied mainly on government grants, which work, but they are often too small on their own to reach our climate change commitments as a nation. Continued and expanded government support is needed, but we also need to find more bottom up solutions. Solutions that work for individual neighbourhoods, towns and cities. Solutions that leverage the billions of pounds people already spend as part of their aspirations for a ‘better home’.

Our expert team of researchers will find solutions that work within our existing social networks, that make the best of local resources and building stocks, and that contribute strongly to a green economic recovery from the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Associate Professor of Sociology, Dr Mark Davis (from the Faculty of Social Sciences), is a member of our research team.


Accelerating the UK net-zero transition.