Coordination of international research cooperation on soil carbon sequestration in agriculture (CIRCASA)

CIRCASA is the Coordination of International Research Cooperation on soil Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture. CIRCASA is a Horizon2020 initiative consisting of 23 partners across 17 nations and 6 continents.

Soils are an important reservoir for carbon, containing nearly double the atmosphere, and soil organic carbon has an incredibly important role for soil quality, agricultural productivity, and biodiversity. Agricultural practices have degraded soil organic carbon stocks, and there is a large potential for additional atmospheric carbon to be sequestered in soils.

The CIRCASA initiative aims to:

  • Strengthen the international research community on soil carbon sequestration in relation to climate   change and food security;
  • Improve our understanding of agricultural soil carbon sequestration and its potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation and for increasing food production;
  • Co-design a strategic research agenda with stakeholders on soil carbon sequestration in agriculture;
  • Better structure the international research cooperation in this field.

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