Basin Structure Group (BSG) Phase 2

Basin Structure

Industry funded consortium: BG, BP, Ecopetrol, EON, GETECH, Saudi Aramco

Our research promotes an integrated approach to investigating the evolution and deformation of sedimentary basins and their stratigraphic fills. We use examples from basins spanning the globe to address fundamental questions on sedimentary basin evolution.

Sedimentary basins are regions of the Earth’s surface that have undergone prolonged subsidence, allowing for infill of sedimentary deposits. Basins evolve in diverse geological settings, driven by both local and global tectonic and geodynamic processes.

Investigating the development of a sedimentary basin can provide insights into plate movements throughout time, and is fundamental to characterizing potential petroleum reservoirs in a region. We aim to develop a better understanding of basins in a variety of tectonic settings by using seismic reflection interpretation, field studies, and structural modelling. In addition, many of our studies involve integration of structural basin analysis with a broader tectonic framework and petroleum systems modelling in both extensional and compressional margins.

All of our research has both regional and generic implications across the globe. The broad research themes that we are investigating are:

  • Rift Systems
  • Passive Margins
  • Salt Tectonics
  • Inversions Tectonics
  • Compressional Systems

The Basin Structure Group is global in extent with a focus on the following areas:

  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Southern Atlantic region generally
  • Greenland
  • NW European margin
  • NW Shelf Australia
  • East African Rift
  • Offshore East Africa

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