Willa Singoyi, MSc Engineering Geology alumni

Willa Singoyi

Why did you decide to study at the University of Leeds?

I was interested in the module contents included in the program of study as I thought they would help bridge the knowledge gaps I had. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining Engineering degree and working in a Geotechinics department with a lot of Engineering Geology aspects.

What has been the best aspect of studying on your course and at the University so far and why?

I have come to appreciate the involvement of practicing professionals and field trips in delivering teaching material. This, in my view, puts a lot of things in perspective and also goes a long way in helping students with no work experience in getting the feel of things and preparing for employment post graduation.

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have completed.

I would have to say working on my project and dissertation was both daunting and exciting at the same time as I chose a topic I was not familiar with. I challenged myself to learn the topic and software to use in conducting my study in what I thought was a tight schedule.

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

I haven’t travelled a lot myself… But from what I gather, there’s quite a good number of students living in and around Leeds and this helps students feel a bit more at ease and have a sense of belonging. There are enough places and facilities for students to have fun and relax whenever studies allow – which didn’t happen very often for me. In general, I think Leeds is a friendly and welcoming city to live and study in.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Career wise, I would like to gain some more practical experience in the mining industry and hopefully progress to principal engineer position. My long terms goal is to obtain a PHD and be a part of the education system in my country and hopefully share my knowledge and experience with young and upcoming students in my field.

What experiences at Leeds do you think will help you in your future career?

Leeds as a city and University has exposed me to a lot of cultures and nationalities, which is quite useful for me in the mining industry as I have to work with people from all over the world. I have also learned good work cultures which include hard work (sounds like a cliché but my course mates really worked hard and pushed me to work hard as well), organizing work and critical thinking.

What would you say to students coming to do the same course?

I would advise them to prepare to work hard, manage their time well and enjoy life in Leeds every now and then. The course is genuinely tough but manageable. The course leaders have obviously worked hard in delivering the up to date material in such an organized and well thought out way, kudos to the team!