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Yasmin Roberts

Yasmin Roberts studied Exploration Geophysics MSc at the School of Earth and Environment.

Yasmin studied her Geophysics undergraduate degree at Leeds, where she had a “great experience”.

I was already familiar with the department and its excellent teaching staff and facilities. I chose to study the course because of its great industry reputation.

Yasmin Roberts


Yasmin is now working as a seismic processing geophysicist at DUG, where she undertook my MSc project as an internship.

“The seismic processing module has been directly relevant for my career, but I have also found a well-rounded understanding of exploration geophysics to be especially useful. Each module emphasised how the skills learnt can be applied to the clean energy transition.”

The breath of topics covered by the course at Leeds and excellent teaching puts you in a great position to enter a variety of geoscience careers.

Yasmin Roberts

Geosolutions funding

Yasmin highlights that the “funding from Geosolutions to support my studies was invaluable”.

“I was attracted to the Geosolutions funding for not only the financial support, but the help that attaining a prestigious scholarship would give to my career prospects. It was great to see funding coming from an institution which supports the application of geophysics for the clean energy transition.”

Exciting projects

Yasmin undertook a high frequency reflection full waveform inversion (FWI) imaging project.

“This used high frequency seismic data to produce high resolution models, which could be applicable to near surface imaging projects. These applications could have a crucial role in the production of clean energy, such as imaging the shallow subsurface for wind farm foundations.”

Course highlights

“It was great to use industry software for practicals throughout the course.”

The course also provided some excellent networking opportunities, such as the PETEX conference, where I was able to meet industry professionals and discuss possible future career options.

Yasmin Roberts

“Leeds is also a really fun city to study in.”

Advice for future students

“If you would like a career in exploration geophysics, then this is definitely one of the best courses to do, which is highly regarded by the industry.”

You’ll be amazed by the amount that you learn in a year from excellent teaching staff, alongside wonderful peers!

Yasmin Roberts

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