Dr Effie Papargyropoulou

I am an Environment Social Scientist passionate about sustainability and food. I’m fortunate enough to be able to pursuit these interests in my research and through our exciting MSc Sustainable Food Systems. Through my work I aim to answer the following question: How can we transform our food system in order to provide nutritious, safe and affordable food for all in a sustainable manner?

Before joining the Sustainability Research Institute, at the University of Leeds, I worked as an environmental consultant in the UK and as a lecturer in Malaysia. These experiences have given me different perspectives beyond academia and the global north.  I bring these perspectives in my research and teaching.

In my research I investigate different ways in which we can be more sustainable within various contexts; for example how we can prevent food waste? What can we do with food surplus in order to reduce the environmental impact of our food systems and eradicate food poverty? How can we shift cities into more sustainable developmental pathways in economically attractive ways? What is the role of organizations and business in these scenarios?

My research is challenges led, interdisciplinary, co-designed and co-produced with relevant stakeholders outside academia. To find out more about my research activities, visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the MSc Sustainable Food Systems, please contact me via e-mail:  e.papargyropoulou@leeds.ac.uk

For any questions relating to the admissions process and/or your current application please contact our admissions team: apply-masters@see.leeds.ac.uk.