Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Adam Booth Adam Booth MSc Exploration Geophysics
Adam Laycock Adam Laycock MSc Geological Sciences
Ahmed Baikatta Ahmed Saif MSc Sustainability and Consultancy Indian
Alice O'Rourke MSc Environment and Development
Amy burgess, studying MSc Geographical Information Systems at the University of Leeds. Amy Burgess MSc Geographical Information Systems (Industrial) British
Arianna Griffa, studying a  MSc. Climate Change and Environmental Policy degree at the University of Leeds. Arianna Griffa MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy Italian
Aruhan MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy Chinese (Mongolian)
Camilla Gibbons Camilla Gibbons MSc Engineering Geology
Catherine Graves Catherine Graves MSc Sustainability
Claire Blissett Claire Blissett MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Danielle Jackson MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Darren Holman MSc Environmental & Consultancy
Dave Marsden Dave Marsden MSc Exploration Geophysics
Dave O'Leary Dave O'Leary MSc Exploration Geophysics
Ed Dunn MSc Environmental Consultancy
Falon Attai MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Gloria Namande MSc Sustainability and Environment
Graham reveley, studying a MSc in  Exploration Geophysics at the University of Leeds. Graham Reveley MSc Exploration Geophysics British
Indrajit Bosse MSc Sustainability and Environment
James Selvage James Selvage MSc Exploration Geophysics
Jami Dixon MSc Sustainability and Environment
Katherine Navarrete MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy Chilean
Kelly Forster Kelly Forster MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Lucy Griffith Lucy Griffith MSc Engineering Geology
Maria Fernanda Contreras MSc Ecological Economics
Matthew Tomlinson MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Neal Gunn Neal Gunn MSc Engineering Geology
Rachelle Ngai Rachelle Ngai MSc Sustainability and Consultancy Canadian
Rupert Wilson Rupert Wilson MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Ruth Fain Ruth Fain MSc Geological Sciences (Industrial)
Samantha Preston MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Sandra Mulenga Ponde MSc Environment and Development Zambian
Shona Brown Shona Brown MSc Sustainability and Consultancy
Willa Singoyi MSc Engineering Geology Zambian
Photo of Wong Ho Yin Dennis Wong Ho Yin Dennis MSc Engineering Geology Chinese (Hong Kong) / Australian
Xavier Moonan Xavier Moonan MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics